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To me, September is a very interesting time of year – a kind of watershed between summer and autumn. The summer weather may well continue for a time, yet we may wake up to dew on the grass and misty mornings. I always remember when my family and I were camping in France late in the summer season, as soon as 1st September arrived one of the toilet blocks (inevitably the one closest to our tent!) was closed down. Summer was over!

And as we enter September there is plenty to look forward to and many happy memories to look back on. The happy days of fun at the seaside with excited children or a leisurely cruise to foreign parts remain vivid in our imaginations. And as we look forward, there is the prospect of the beautiful autumnal colours as the trees shed their leaves and nature prepares for winter.

At the parish Church recently you will have noticed that we have been having a lot of building work done. Thankfully that stage of work is now complete, the scaffolding has come down, the roof has been repaired and the drainage system completely overhauled. But that is far from the end of the story. The next stage is to install a reliable heating system (something we have needed for a long time) and, when that is completed, we just might even begin to think about the next stage – the installation of toilet and kitchen facilities.

And looking further ahead, in October we shall be celebrating harvest in a different way this year. On Friday 2nd October we shall have our harvest supper complete with musical entertainment, on Saturday 3rd October there will be an exhibition in church of farming implements and on Sunday 4th  October we shall have our Harvest Festival service.

So, you might ask, where is God in all this? Well, I would suggest everywhere. During the summer we enjoyed that wonderful time of year when we can be outside and enjoy all that God has provided for us, not only the sun, sea and sand but also that irreplaceable gift of families and friends. Autumn will remind us of God’s creation as the leaves on the trees turn golden and flutter to the ground forming a majestic carpet of colour. And we just hope, that with all the work going on at the parish church, it might just be that little bit more comfortable for us all when we meet together on a Sunday with no more drips down the backs of our necks when it rains, and a slightly warmer environment in which to worship.

So, to use a line from a well-known harvest hymn:

“All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above, then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord, for all his love.”

Best wishes to you all

Chris Miller