September 2016

Well, now that September is here we, at the Parish Church, are without a Rector. Revd Steve Rothwell has moved back to Cambridge after ten years with us and we wish him, and his family, all the very best in their new parish. So we now enter into a period of what used to be called an interregnum, literally “between reign”, an interval between two reigns, governments or, in our case, incumbencies. However, these days this period between one priest leaving and a new one coming is usually referred to simply as a vacancy. And it is at a time such as this that there are questions which may need to be answered.

What does this mean for our parish? Basically things will continue as normal, although services will be taken by visiting clergy or lay people within the parish. Our services will remain more or less the same and you will find full details on this page each month.

When will we get a new priest for our parish church? This is difficult to answer but it is most likely to be a year or more.

Why that long? No moves can be made until the outgoing priest has left so it is only now that we can begin the process. It is quite a lengthy process as we have to be sure that the right person is appointed. It is also felt that when a priest leaves it is a good opportunity for a parish to look inwardly at itself and examine how it works and how people relate to each other.

What do I do if I want a baptism or a wedding? Ring Chris Miller (details at the top of the page – or Jan Cooper if he is unavailable) and somebody will contact you.

What do I do if I particularly need to talk to a member of the clergy? Simply get in touch using one of the contact numbers at the top of this page and we will find someone to help you.

And finally, a prayer for help and inspiration at this time:

Most merciful Father, who has called us to your service in the fellowship of the gospel: we ask you during this interregnum to bless and prosper your work in this parish. Unite us one with another in love; teach us to worship you in spirit and in truth; be pleased to use our endeavours to extend your kingdom in the hearts and homes of our people, and so visit us with your salvation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Best wishes to you all

Chris Miller

Licensed Lay Minister and Churchwarden.